About Us

About Us

Welcome to She Always Comes First, your online playground for your inner kinkster. We carry everything from lingerie to vibrators, dildos, clit air sucking simulators, costumes for cosplay, and all of the BDSM items in your fantasies. Come join the fun with She Always Comes First - the best adult store online!

She always comes first is a self-made branded online retailer.

My name is Adam, I started this online store selling lingerie and adult toys because I have extensive knowledge in this area of retail.

Sex should be fun, adventurous, exciting, and just overall not a chore.

Over the years of buying adult toys, I realized that a ton of toys are way over priced. I've known people who have been too embarrassed to go into an adult store and buy toys. So I wanted to bring to you the next upcoming online adult store with consistent discounts and deals, especially for content creators.

I've worked hard building this site by myself to bring joy and pleasure to all, especially to make sure that She Always Comes First. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting my small business!