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Fetish Lingerie & BDSM Myths Exposed for Erotic Couples [UPDATE 2022]

April 8, 2022jennysdatingadvice

Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism, also known as BDSM or S&M, is a very kinky sexual lifestyle that many couples participate in, and unfortunately those that do not participate in BDSM have many misconceptions about this kinky sexual lifestyle based solely on what they’ve seen in porn, or from Hollywood movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey, and Secretary just to name a few, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most Common BDSM Fallacies

If you’ve recently just started getting familiar with the BDSM lifestyle, then the people that own and operate the Adult’s Only Fetish, Sex Toy, and Role Play Lingerie boutiue, She Always Comes First, would like to inform you of the most common fallacies about BDSM so that you and your partner can feel more comfortable giving bondage role play an honest shot…

BDSM Fallacy #1: Only Sickos and Weirdos Are Into BDSM!

If you’ve never dipped your toes into the BDSM swimming pool of kink, and only based your ideas on what you’ve seen in the media, then you’ve probably formulated the opinion that only weirdos, sickcos and sexually perverse people participate in BDSM, but actually nothing could be further from the truth.

BDSM participants can be happy, healthy, open-minded and ready to explore their sexual identities, as well as being less judgmental on people with sexual preferences other than theirs.

BDSM Fallacy #2: BDSM Is Extremely Painful!

BDSM isn’t only about hurting, spanking, beating up or slapping someone around because you can play hours without causing or receiving pain.

BDSM can be light and with touches of eroticism, involving subtle role playing, and fetishes solely based on kinky outfits made of latex, leather, or lace.

BDSM Fallacy #3: Dominants Are Sadistic & Dangerous

Dominants obviously do enjoy having power over their submissive, and lead their sessions, but everything is agreed upfront. BDSM relationships are highly consensual and most dominants are only going to practice something the submissive likes and enjoys.

BDSM Fallacy #4: Subs Are Submissive In Their Everyday Lives!

Many powerful CEO’s and other successful professionals tend to switch their real life roles of being “dominant” bosses in their real lives to that of the submissive role player in their BDSM fantasies. It’s a form of relaxation, providing a sense of relief of the burden of being constantly responsible for others in their everyday lives.

BDSM Fallacy #5: Only Gay Men Enjoy Anal Play

This is not true whatsoever. Prostate massage or stimulation by hand or a strap-on brings men very intense feelings equivalent to female G-spot stimulation.

So if you’re a straight man testing out BDSM don’t be affraid to let your lover use a strap-on at least a few times on you so you can enjoy new sexual sensations that you’ve never felt before.

BDSM Fallacy #6: Only Men Take On The Dominant Role

Most professional “doms”, also know as dominatrix, are mainly females, and many of their male client prefer submissive roles as they do dominate roles.

As you get started on your BDSM journey don’t be affraid to test out both submissive and dominant roles so you can discovery which role brings you the most pleasure.

BDSM Fallacy #7: BDSM Requires Painful & Aggressive Sex Acts!

BDSM does not always include sexual penetration, and in fact, some BDSM practices forbid sex altogether, such as male and female chastity, and orgasm denial; Orgasm denial is the act of not letting your submissive reach an orgasm just when they are very close to having one.

BDSM Fallacy #8: BDSM Is For People That Find Regular Sex Boring!

People that participate in the BDSM lifestyle enjoy regular “vanilla” sex just like everyone else does.

Top 3 Benefits Of BDSM

Now that we know what the main misconceptions of the BDSM lifestyle are, here are the benefits people, and couples, receive from acting out their kinky fantasies.

BDSM Benefit #1: Helps Couples Communicate Better

Couples who practice BDSM tend to fare better than non-kinky couples when it comes to communication because theyare more aware and communicative about their sexual desires.

Even the concept of “safe words” and making a distinction between “play” and otherwise typical relationship interaction is what contributes to the excellent communication between BDSM partners.

BDSM Benefit #2: Increases Intimacy

Sexually adventurous couples enjoy more potent levels of intimacy because they are willing to try new things out in the bedroom.

Couples that follow a “routine” in the bedroom suffer greatly in the intimacy department.

BDSM Benefit #3: Less Likely To Have An Affair

Couples that participate in BDSM tend to cheat less because they’re extremely open and honest about their sexual desires with each other which means they don’t have to find someone else to help quench their sexual appetites.

What To Wear For Your BDSM Journey

If you and your partner want to begin participating in some BDSM role playing fantasies then finding the right naughty role play lingerie set is key to making your experiences as pleasurable as possible.

Now if you’re a man that really wants his lady to get on board with BDSM then we highly urge you to only use high quality BDSM gear and accessories because high quality BDSM looks super sexy and your chick will be more down for a hardcore spanking session if her ass looks amazing in what she’s wearing.

We suggest that you and your partner get online together and visit She Always Comes First’s selection of fetish lingerie and roleplaying outfits; after your lady sees how sexy erotic lingerie can be, she’ll be very into the idea of letting you dominate her on a more consistent basis.

You Have To Dress the Part for the Fantasy to Feel as Pleasurable as Possible

You and your partner will enjoy BDSM on an even deeper level together if you use, and wear, high quality restraints, accessories, and of course, fetish lingerie that only She Always Comes First offers.

If you dress like a little slut in some high quality naughty fetish lingerie from She Always Comes First’s selection then you’ll be in the mood to have kinky role playing sex, and a lot of sex for that matter.

Having kinky sex while rleplaying makes you feel good, and it makes your partner feel good, and nothing is better in life than when you and your significant other are very much into each other.

So to all of your ladies out there, please, please, please, start wearing sexy fetish lingerie every single day if you want to live your best life!

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