Being new to the Adult industry

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Being new to the Adult industry

Blog post #1. 
I'm not really sure where to start this, so I'm just going to start back two years ago - when I started to consider working in the Adult Industry.  
This is my very first blog post, so I'm just gonna do a solid introduction, a little bit of background of myself, and how I got into this industry.  
A little over two years ago, I had started thinking a lot about the future; things I want to do, places I want to go, and so on. While running heavy equipment day in and day out, your mind has time to wander with countless ideas. I spent hours sitting there thinking of how to have a successful future that included being my own boss and doing something that I could truly enjoy and feel passionate about. I started to look at options and opportunities.   
My initial conclusion I came to was something in real estate - maybe house hacking or fixing and flipping. Next, I considered online business (e-commerce) due impart to there are less start up fees, and I can take my time to slowly build up my business.  
Soon, I came to the brick wall of a problem directly in my way. The harsh realization, I have absolutely no idea how to do any of this kind of stuff. Seriously, at the time, I couldn't upload a video on YouTube, let alone figure out how to use Excel spreadsheets. Reality, I was highly uneducated in terms of technology, programming software, sales, or e-commerce.
In 2022 , I decided it was time to figure out what kind of sales I'd like to do. I soon started getting ideas, constantly listening to books on being a boss, self motivation, self education, financials, and e-commerce platforms. I had heard of a few platforms, but I went with the platform that was said to be one of the more beginner friendly to use.  
The first website I tried to start was called Rebel Viking. It was a Celtic and Nordic jewelry and accessories business. It was a good start. But so far, it was just writing on paper. I started watching YouTube videos, constantly learning how to set up the store and work towards getting my first sale. 
I started looking locally for different industries that would stand out. While searching for a wholesalers website and platforms looking for products to sell, I came across a few adult novelty items for extremely great prices. While the price was great, I also recognized that particular item. The local Adult Chain Store in town sells said item, but the big corporation store had up marked this product more than 8x its wholesale price. I was completely floored. Now, I was highly amazed, surprised, and motivated. Locally, the adult store was the only one in a town that is heavily military dependent, meaning a constant stream of new people. I realized the potential for demand with only one store that supplies.  
It was time, I had figured out the niche I was going into, Luxury Lingerie and Adult accessories. I slowly started to study it, people may think it's watching porn and reading playboys. Trust me, it's a whole lot more than that. I read and heard very quickly that the pleasure product industry is actually considered to be one of the hardest industries to get into and be successful. If not the hardest.
Reading how hard the industry was to get into pushed me more, but I also enjoyed knowing I'd need to constantly continue to educate myself on the constant challenges and changes within the industry.  
One of the absolute biggest challenges has been trying to compete with Amazon. Everyone has expectations these days. Being so used to Amazon, they expect all packages to arrive that quickly.
I will end on this note until the next blog, I'm very new at this, so bare with me! Haha. I would like invite your inner kinkster to browse our Online playground!